It’s not broken, it was built this way, 2016

Location New Wight Gallery, UCLA Department of Art

This installation is composed of 3 parts. 2 Sculptures created trhough a process of 3D scanning bodies, adapting them into 3D models and then using a CNC machine to cut the sdculptures out of MDF or high-density foam materials. After the fabrication process, i programmed the same 3D models that the sculptures were built with to move in a 3D space. This process was built with Unity. Next, I projected the animation onto the scuptures in a dark gallery space. By taking the image of the body through an in-depth mechanical and technological process, I explore dhow tech creates digital artefacts and its effects on our bodies in a tactile way. Simultaneously, I am interested in the metaphors surrounginf bodies and technologies and thei influence on gender and body image.