All installation artworks shown in the images are by Suzan Globus


interactive augmented reality (AR) experience

EcofemAR is an immersive augmented reality artwork that fuses natural and synthetic elements. The organic movements and cycling of objects and words beckon viewers to enter the peice and evoke memories of their past interactions with nature. The piece engages the viewer physicallt with the artwork using scale. The artwork emphasizes the importance of the environment and the parallel between caring for nature and caring for human beings.

This is an ongoing project that I continue to develop, adding questions and scanned natural objects into the AR environment.

EcoFemAR was exhibited at ChaShaMa Matawan gallery during the duration of Now You Don’t, an installation by Suzan Globus featuring an augmented reality artwork by Amanda Stojanov. An artists talk was held on Sunday, April 2 at 3 pm.