Your Choice,

Video Animation, 3D scanner

Your Choice is a video and animation piece that visualizes a fictional world. It is an introduction to a world by a womans voice, processed in a way to feel post-human, disembodied from anything they might hear IRL (In real life). The voice is speaking directly to the audience asking them to make a choice. Their ability to make this choice is never fulfilled and they are instead taken on a journey by a human voice.

The images of the bodies in the film are 3D scanned from two women interacting, using 3D scanning technology. The animation and textures imposed are reminiscent of other cyborg representation of women in artificial intelligence and science fiction narratives.

This video addresses the issues of gender representation in uses of technology. Physical powers of the body are manipulated through the scans by exploring the translation of real bodies into emerging technologies and then into popular media outlets.

In this video. “Your Choice” reproduces these stereotypes and represents them in an extreme, uncomfortable context attempting to address the implications that these images have on cultural production in the development of technologies and media. Most importantly my intention is to direct the critique from the consumers to the people who are developing these visions, asking for an explicit acknowledgement, discussion or address of their implicit biases.

Your Choice from Amanda Stojanov on Vimeo.