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decentralizing the web 


Immersive projection Installation, with voice over

location: New Wight Gallery - UCLA Department of Art

As my thesis piece for the MFA at UCLA, Department of Design Media Arts, I created an immersive projection piece. I began by writing “/feməˈninədē/” (full text attached below). From there I recorded my voice readingthis text and then chose key words. Those key words I imaged and projected onto three walls. My intention was to choose words that when viewed together, with or without the audio playing, could create meaning. The text is large and set in an italic serif font. The text is larger than average human body size. When viewing the work your entire body becomes engaged. Looking between the words and observing them changing over time a viewer can choose to stay for the entirety of the text being read or come in and leave in the middle without losing the meaning of the words.