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01 hurricane
02 the Climate Shelter
03 desert AIDS project
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05 safe streets LB
06 steel scene
07 /feməˈninədē/

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09 the view from nowhere
10 the view from everywhere
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15 untitled [Interior] ep.1 
16 self-analysis 
17 typography 2014

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18 stonyfield
19 altaMed
20 heal documentary
21 pride ‘17
22 PrEPnPLAY website
23 arm dynamics
24 Shore House

Teaching & Workshops

Teaching statement
IDM research lab
LSA 2019 Artifacts

Featured student work:

decentralizing the web 

Untitled [Interior] ep.1 

360° video in Virtual Reality Headset 
location: New Wight Gallery - UCLA Department of Art

This piece is the beginning of 360° explorations underwater. The components of this piece include video taken under sea-water and 3D audio. The audio is composed using sounds from the raw video file and sounds created through mixing. I mixed original and found sounds to reflect the interior of a membrane-like form. The sounds simulate the audio-visual feeling of being inside a womb-like space.Untitled [Interior] ep.1 was displayed by suspending an oculus headset from the ceiling, allowing one person at a time to stand while viewing.