Illustrations by Yuehao Jiang

Featured at: UCLA Game Art Festival
The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA 2015
UCLA Game Art Festival Press Release

Yuehao Jiang, Amanda Stojanov
UCLA Design Media Arts, MFA Candidates

Game Conference Details
Time slot - 6 runs, 10 minutes each

Game Juice like a machine by using your hands to puncture the orange. If the juice rises past the marker in the container, you win a cup of juice!

Cost of game $1.00 - $0.78 = $0.22

“One cup of juice” is a 2 player game that has a physical role and a mental role. The physical player becomes a machine by lying vertically on a platform simulating the mechanics of a juicer. The mental player is there to encourage the completion of the juicing. This relationship Introduces human emotions into the machine process including trust, encouragement, negotiation and compromise.

Objects of the game
The machine platform is horizontal and rises 2 feet off the floor. It is decorated with fruit imagery and supports the physical player (P1) juicing the orange.

The orange container is placed at the top right corner of the platform. The container will have two holes lined with rubber gloves that will allow the user to puncture the orange. The container functions as a measurement for the amount of juice the player has made.

The flashcards
have key words the mental player (P2) will use to help the physical player(P1) win the game.

2 Player Game
“You two are partners in this game.”
“Decide who will be the physical player and who will be the mental player”.
“Does the physical player swear they washed their hands before beginning the game?”
Explain to the physical player (P1) “to lay your torso on the platform and place your hands in the container”.
Explain to the mental player (P2) “your role is to support the physical player achieve their goal by using the word list to shout out encouraging statements”.

If the juice meets the measurement in the container the mental player is awarded a juice box that they can decide to share, or not.