Name. Amanda Stojanov
b. Ottawa, ON, Canada

Artist and designer with a professional background in visual communication.

I have experience working with design teams in large design studios, independent agencies, non-profit organizations and I continue to work as a freelance art director and designer.

I am a recent graduate of the MFA Design Media Arts department at UCLA. My work is centered around creating interactive video/animation, sculpture, and narratives that interrogate gender identity, agency / body politics, and visibility in virtual spaces. The subjects of my work focus on sci-fi narratives and world-building themes around gender expression and transformation.

Member / Co-founder at voidLab and co-founder

Decentralizing the Web cultivates critical evaluations of online presence through an intersectional feminist lens. Panels aim to untangle the psycho-social implications of identity politics on the global web, examining the embedded biases driving dominant modes of representation in digital spaces.

Pictured in front of:

location: New Wight Gallery - UCLA Department of Art