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Art & Design

01 hurricane
02 the Climate Shelter
03 desert AIDS project
04 City of Long Beach
05 safe streets LB
06 steel scene
07 /feməˈninədē/

08 microsoft design:
09 the view from nowhere
10 the view from everywhere
11 your choice

12 one cup of juice
13 ucla arts
14 ucla design media arts

15 untitled [Interior] ep.1 
16 self-analysis 
17 typography 2014

client projects:

18 stonyfield
19 altaMed
20 heal documentary
21 pride ‘17
22 PrEPnPLAY website
23 arm dynamics
24 Shore House

Teaching & Workshops

Teaching statement
IDM research lab
LSA 2019 Artifacts

Featured student work:

decentralizing the web 

SLSA 2019

WORKSHOP: Drawing with Objects, Words, & Code

Leah Horgan and Amanda Stojanov

This is a generative design workshop where beginners and experts can create computer-generated graphics with thoughtful text and image placements for critical engagement with technology and art-making. This workshop addresses how code can be used as a tool for creating meaning and expressing ideas. Javascript and the p5.js library will be used to introduce several basic concepts such as variables, functions, and randomness.

p.s. I change colors!

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